Research Administration System

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The Research Administration System enables Tufts researchers and administrators to create funding proposals, route them electronically for approval, and submit them directly to the funding agency.

Current known issues in RAS (fixes underway):

  • If you have a proposal that requires the Project_Abstract_1_2-V1.2 form, this is currently not supported for S2S submissions through RAS. Please continue to enter the information in RAS and route and submit as a non-S2S proposal (as the current process). Please reference the Forms page to download the correct form for your proposal.
  • A modular budget on hierarchy proposals sometimes incorrectly rounds up to the next $25k increment. If you encounter this issue please contact
  • When adding non-employees into the Key Personnel panel, we are currently experiencing issues whereby the Person does not always correctly save (this is intermittent) and causes an error when trying to navigate to the Attachments panel of RAS. If you encounter this issue, please report to RAS support with your proposal number and names of any non-employees on the proposal. We are seeking to get this fixed in the next major release.
  • After a Reject or Recall action has been taken, if a proposal is resubmitted for routing by a user other than the original submitter, the system will add that original submitter as the first stop on the new route path. If the original router is out of the office or unavailable, please contact your Pre-Award Signing Official or to ensure the proposal does not get stuck in routing.
  • NSF proposals do go through RAS, but as non-S2S submissions at this time. NSF proposal submissions should continue to be submitted through FastLane.
  • NIH "P" and "U" program proposals do go through RAS, but as non-S2S submissions at this time. NIH "P" program proposals should continue to be submitted through Assist.
  • National Community and Service Grants do go through RAS, but as non-S2S submissions at this time. These should continue to be submitted through
  • In the award module, in order to edit the Create Unique Funding Source checkbox, the Grant Account ID field must be empty. If you need to make changes to this field on an award which already has a grant account ID assigned, use the 'cut' function to temporarily remove the account ID and save the record to make the Unique Funding Source editable. You can then update the unique funding source flag and paste the account ID back into the field before saving again.

Last updated: 3/3/2019